An intentional team for intentional results.

We believe in deliberate, custom marketing to make your practice stand head and shoulders above the competition - whether that is a local hospital or a new practice opening in your area.

An extension of your team

Commander, meet your new troops. We will be on the front line with you, sharing every win and a few losses. We’ll fight for your success just like it was our own.

We believe that each client should feel like they are our only client. Face-to-face meetings every 2 weeks ensure we do our best work and you stay informed. Text, email, or call anytime.


Success measured in patient visits, not hocus-pocus

Plain and simple, we believe definitive results should be backed up by more than a feeling. You should know which marketing channels are producing actual appointments, which are not, and how we are making changes to fix that.

We require extensive integration with our analytics platform to track online appointments, in-person visits, and new appointment phone calls. This not only allows us to conclusively prove our value, but also enables us to consistently improve our performance.

We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased traffic, more frequent return visits and new patients thanks to our work.

- Austin Heerwagen. CEO, Koda Digital.

Partners, not vendors

A partnership is a commitment to an ongoing relationship. We hold a shared vision with our clients to give the right advice for today as well as tomorrow. We understand that the tough conversations fuel growth year after year.

We protect your investment by granting you ownership of your website, content, social media, and advertising accounts. We believe in building a marketing machine that doesn’t crumble the moment our relationship ends.