Koda Digital Design Increases Online Appointment Requests By 400% For Orthopedic Practice

10 Orthopedic Physicians

Breaking through the growth plateau as market leaders


This Orthopedic Practice came to us with a different type of challenge.

They were already the most successful practice in their particular niche, and were concerned that their business had hit a plateau.
After assessing their situation, we were able to identify missed opportunities that would enable us to put them back on the path for growth into the foreseeable future.


Responsive web design, growth package (SEO, PPC, social media management, analytics, reputation management)

Creating a Growth Strategy

The practice has been a long-time market leader in their local community, but, as often happens, their growth trajectory had leveled off. We worked with their team to develop a comprehensive strategy that would break the plateau and set them on a path for growth.

After getting a relatively turnkey system in place, we intend to grow their business by 10%+ year over year.

Orthopedic Website

Authority & Expertise

A website that prominently displayed their authority and expertise in orthopedics (183 years of experience between them)

Strong CTAs

Strong call to actions encouraging people to request appointments

Online Billing System

An easy-to-use online billing system

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos to further patient education before and after their visits

Growth Package

Increased search engine ranking for terms that matter

Implement a reputation management system to increase positive reviews and decrease
negative reviews

Engage with local community to encourage word of mouth marketing

Implement a real-time analytics dashboard to track business performance

Efficient pay-per-click spending on Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook

Stats & Results

Increased visitor
interaction by 10x

Analytics implemented to implement continuous optimizations

Online appointment
requests increased
over 400%

New patient appointment growth
of nearly 40% within 90 days

Increased site visitors by
80% within 3 months

SEO visibility
improved by 4x

Doubled Facebook
engagement and quadrupled ROI

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