Antidote App

Using cutting edge technology to make the waiting room obsolete


Responsive website, Custom integrations, Mobile development, User experience, HIPAA compliant security

The Challenge

Antidote App came to us looking for a way to improve the patient registration process.

The challenge was in making the process fit within the current workflow of front office staff, while meeting all if the HIPAA compliance.

Discover how our solution had a positive impact on their office in more ways than one.

Sign In Application

Do you ever feel like the registration process of medical clinics is stuck in the past? Many of our clients required patients to call for appointments and then fill out a lengthy clipboard of information upon arrival.

However, patients prefer to do everything on their own time these days. We developed a sign in application that guides patients through the registration process before they even get in the door.

Replicating forms online wasn’t quite enough, as it needed to be even quicker and satisfying. Patients would want to complete our forms on phones, tablets, or computers. Not to mention HIPAA security requirements.

Workflow Integration

Lastly, the process also needed to be natural for the front office staff, so it worked well with their existing workflow.

The final solution solves all of existing problems with the registration clipboard.

In addition, it captures a driver’s license and insurance card in order to autofill the form and save to the EMR.
The system we designed makes registration a breeze, so patients are smiling when they walk in the door – which makes giving quality care much easier and leads to increased satisfaction.

Application Development

  • A responsive website design for patients that is satisfying, easy to use, and reduces wait time in office
  • A secure website for staff to efficiently communicate and process sign ins using SMS texts, email, or phone calls
  • Optical character recognition to automatically fill out waiting room forms
  • Android and iOS applications available in their respective app stores
  • HIPAA security implementation and maintenance

Stats & Results

5x increase in patient
satisfaction with sign in process

Increased medical form
efficiency by 45 – 85%

Decreased annual time on phone
by 511 hours per clinic

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