We’re just a happy bunch
looking to make an impact.

At Koda Digital, we strive to make your professional life a whole lot easier. We stay up to date on digital marketing for the healthcare industry so you can focus on your business. In fact, just think of us as part of your extended team.

We take a proactive approach and align our goals with your goals. At the end of the day, does it matter if your website traffic doubles if your patient numbers don’t grown too? We work hard to be transparent. We will show you what’s working and what’s not, and ensure you’re continuing to see fantastic return from your investment in digital marketing.

Austin Heerwagen

Austin has built Koda Digital from the ground up with his past frustrations as a web design client in mind. He has led his team to win numerous awards, and has led his clients to add numerous locations. You can expect 100% transparency, no horror stories, and driven perfectionism when working with Austin. He holds a B.S. with Distinction and M.S. in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

Mike Patch

Mike is an SEO strategist with strengths in organic content ranking. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, Mike has worked with a wide variety of clients. Not only has Mike helped businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their online presence, but he has built up a few websites of his own into high traffic side projects. Mike is a firm believer that the goal is not to impress the search engines, but to provide quality for the reader and potential client.

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Google AdWords Specialist
Jelena Nuhanovic

Jelena Nuhanovic is an experienced PPC Manager with a demonstrated history of working in PPC industry. She's an expert in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and paid search in general. Jelena has a special focus on tracking and analytics to ensure that clients are seeing real return on their advertising investment, rather than just guessing. She holds a BA degree in Business and Managerial Economics.

Content Writer
Eric Turner

Eric Turner is a content writer who always keeps the client in mind. He started writing the day after he learned to read, and hasn't stopped since then. Writing on everything from soles to Soul, there is no topic you won't want to read about when he's through with it.

When not creating content, Eric can be found writing fiction, playing games, and beginning every sentence with "what if we...?".

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