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An Orthopedic Practice in Jeopardy (And How To Navigate 2021)

By Klara Morgan On Jan 04, 2021 . 0 Comments

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This brief article is intended to provide executive insight on a specific orthopedic surgery practice that can serve as a case study for a physician group at a crossroads in 2021.

Our paradigm is informed by years of experience and outstanding performance. 

This is what we see. 

We see an orthopedic surgery practice with several doctors who had growth in the past.

Now the landscape has changed. New competition has entered the market. There are an ever-changing set of online challenges. 

As time passed, marketing has not kept up with the quality of care. The result?

  • The reviews and ratings at this orthopedic practice can deter potential patients despite high quality care at the practice. 
  • The website does not reflect the quality of their medical services and looks years older than the new competitors. 
  • Rarely the practice shows in search results but regularly they are not on the first page. 
  • Facebook posting may be happening but without noticeable impact. 
  • New local competition has arisen in the last 18 months and seems to have plenty of money for marketing. 

“The vast majority of new patients are referred by a couple of nearby hospitals or medical facilities.”

Does this sound like your orthopedic practice?

That’s because this is your orthopedic practice. 

Your patient flow may be ok, but your orthopedic practice is in jeopardy.

Are you showing up on Google? Where are you? 

Google Search Engine Results pages for 'orthopedic surgeon in san Antonio'

Are you easy to find on Google Maps?

Google Maps Search Engine Results Page for 'orthopedic surgeon in San Antonio'

Is this you?

[redacted] & Sports Medicine
With 2.8 Stars on Google with 5 Reviews

Is this your website?

Orthopedic Surgery Practice with redacted logo and phone number.

This orthopedic practice is in trouble. 

They aren’t in their most important searches and the review situation needs to be addressed quickly before it becomes a problem that could take a long time to fix. The website is outdated and well behind their local competition.

This scenario is set for the competition to gain massive market share that could be yours. 

Predictions for 2021

  • Public concern about the pandemic dwindles.
  • Built-up medical demand from 2020 will seek care in 2021.
  • More patients than ever will be searching for your services and choosing between you and your competitor.
  • More potential patients will be trying to book an appointment at your practice from their mobile browser.
  • Your practice is at a crossroads now to set the trajectory and re-establish yourself as the market leader. 
  • Your practice either digs in and does great marketing, or you let your competitors decide. 

Our two expert recommendations to your orthopedic practice:

  1. Focus on your most profitable business activities- seeing patients. 
  1. Get confident that you have the right people doing your marketing.

Medical practices depend on Koda Digital to attract the most patients – in searches, on their website, on social media, and everywhere else. 

90% of our clients are busier than ever before, yes – even after COVID.

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