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Facebook Tips for Doctors: 10 Ways to Make Your Post Text Stand Out

By Amber Turner On May 29, 2021 . 0 Comments

Everyone makes it sound so easy. Post a few times on Facebook and the patients will pour in through your doors. In reality, it’s not that easy. And if you’re not using these 10 tips, you’re wasting your time and money on Facebook.

My name is Amber Turner and I am a Social Media Manager for Koda Digital. This is my expert opinion on how to get your Facebook posts to stand out to increase engagements and ultimately get more patients in your office.

Whether you’re in pursuit of new patients or trying to keep your current following updated and educated, you’re almost always operating in a competitive space. This means you can’t rely on the same tired text to break through the noise and resonate with your target audience.

Writing great social media posts is more than just stringing together catchy words. Here are some tips and improvements that you can use starting today to make your copywriting even better, and ultimately convert more followers into patients.

Hook- Catch the Attention of Your Facebook Fans

First impressions matter. An “attention-getter,” also known as an “attention grabber,” “hook,” or “hook sentence,” is vital to grab your readers’ attention and get them interested in what you have to offer.

It’s the thing that intrigues them and reels them in. Knock-their-socks-off so that they feel compelled to stop scrolling through their endless feed and read your message all the way to the end.

Examples of Great Hooks for Facebook Text:

  • Ask a Question
  • Tell a Joke
  • Quotations
  • Word Play / Puns
  • Interesting Fact
  • Definition

The Golden Juicy Nugget – Make Your Facebook Audience Say “WOW!”

Give your text a “Wow-factor” when using sharing a third-party article or self-content blog on Facebook by finding the “juicy nugget”. Don’t hijack the name of the article and copy & paste it into the text. 

Find the best and most interesting part of the article to catch the attention of potential patients and use it in your post text.

Examples of Useful Juicy Nuggets:

  • Statistics
  • Helpful tips
  • Information that is not common knowledge
  • Quotes

Clear Call-To-Action – Tell Your Potential Patients What You Want Them To Do

Want more patients in your office? Want more Facebook page likes? You won’t get them without the right call to action.

Prompt your potential patients to take action by introducing a sense of urgency. Use words and phrases to give clear instructions for what you want potential patients to do.

Examples of Effective Call-To-Actions:

  • Schedule now
  • Book today
  • Write a review
  • Share your story
  • Give us feedback
  • Let us know what you think
  • Call now

Emojis – Get Creative By Decorating Your Facebook Post

Emojis can help us communicate more and liven up your message in a way that’s easy and fun to capture the audience’s attention. Emojis should be an extension of your normal expressions, and as such, they should never feel forced or unrelated to your message.

Emojipedia is a handy emoji search engine that will give you the right format for copying and pasting your favorite emojis to your Facebook post.

Creative Formatting – Break Up Long Blocks Of Text So Your Post Is Easier To Digest

Nothing turns a reader off faster than giant walls of text. Full sentences are not always necessary and readers typically scroll through if something is not catching their attention.

Getting creative with the formatting by using line breaks or bullet points is a great way to spruce up the appearance of your message. There are also great emoji bullet points you can use to deck out your post text.

Exclusivity is Key – Personalize Your Facebook Post To Attract More Patients

You have a target audience of current and potential patients, now tailor your Facebook posts to best resonate with your audience and talk directly to them. Personalize your message with using words like “you” and “your” to give your potential patients that one-on-one feeling from the start. 

Make it seem like your medical practice and the services were made just for them. A personalized message signifies the personalized care your patients are seeking.

Careful with Clickbait – Don’t Overpromise Or Misrepresent For “More Clicks”

Text like “What happened next blew my mind”, “You will NEVER believe what happened”, or “10 ways to do this better, #7 will SHOCK you” may seem like a good idea to make your text interesting. However, click-baiting can be seen as manipulative, repetitive, or just plain cringy. 

Sure you can use humorous, clever, and catchy phrases in some of your social media posts. Just use them in moderation and don’t heavily rely on that shock factor to get people to like your page or get patients through your door.

Be Bold – Say Your Are The Best And Mean It

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your statements. If you believe you’re the best, why shouldn’t people think so too? Grab potential patient’s attention with a bold claim and back it up with your selling points and competitive advantages.

Examples of Bold Statements for Facebook Text:

  • “The medical practice/service you need”
  • “The medical practice/service trusted by generations”
  • “Top-rated medical practice/service”
  • “Expect the best”

Competitive Advantages – You’re The Best So Show Them Why You Are The Obvious Choice

What makes your practice stand out amongst the competition? Have you been in practice for a long period of time? Are you open 24/7? Any exclusive state-of-the-art technology at your clinic? 

Differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting what makes your medical practice stand out. Remember, if they are seeing your posts, they are probably seeing your competitors too. Show your potential patients why you should be their first option.

Hashtags – Increase Your Chances Of Being Found

Expand the reach of your posts outside of your current patient following. Facebook users who search for a hashtag are engaged and actively looking for a solution or information you can provide. 

For example, relevant and important hashtags can be used now during the COVID-19 pandemic like #coronavirus, #covid19, #SocialDistancing, and #FlattenTheCurve.


Use these tips to create your own social media strategy that helps market your practice, and drive engagement with your patients. When you increase the quality of your Facebook posts, you can skyrocket the engagements and ultimately get more people to come to your practice.

Your social media is a reflection of your medical practice. The higher caliber and more original your Facebook post texts are, the more genuine it will feel for your audience. Now get out there and get creative! Good luck!

If you would like us to review your Facebook page, reach out and contact us.

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